Dr. Emmanuel Yao Voado, MD., a Neurosurgeon is the Founder and President of Cosmopolitan Aid Foundation, a global partnership of individuals and organisations passionate about the common humanitarian mission and vision of helping the vulnerable to realise their divine purpose.

Hello, I’m Emmanuel Yao Voado. It’s an honour for me  to be divinely chosen to found and lead one of the world’s  most ambitious and cosmopolitan humanitarian organizations, which is desperate to change the life of those who have no hope, extending  a warm and delicate care for the helpless, the destitute, the weak, the poor and the diseased to expand happiness: A world in which individuals, civil society groups, and the daily lives of people are freed of basic needs and diseases.
The Cosmopolitan Aid Foundation will help alleviate the problems of the orphans and vulnerable children, the widows and their children, the elderly, the mentally disabled, the physically disabled including the deaf and the blind, students, patients, and the population at large.
Our mission is to break the backbone of generational poverty where the captives of destiny, the marginalised, shall become the frontliners. The “nobody” shall become “the somebody”.
Our purpose is to inspire, develop and flourish the “Mr. Nobody” and take him to the highest level in the society to become “Mr. Somebody” who will do likewise to transform many lives.
As an individual who hails from poverty to prominence by divine grace, it is my duty and responsibility to give back to the society because my colleagues then, in the same condition of poverty, who did not have the same chance I was given, are still where I left them, 34 years ago.
Our humble beginnings consisted of free health screening outreaches done with our own resources, but today we have partnerships with world recognized organizations, corporate bodies and individuals in many countries who are willing to help raise funds and/or give their expertise locally and/or from a distance so that quickly after the success of the humanitarian efforts in Ghana, West Africa, we will go viral on a crusade to disseminate our philanthropic seeds  in the impoverished communities worldwide.
Don’t be put off by our ambition. It’s a great effort in dealing with poverty’s complex root causes. We will lay emphasis on the work at the grass-roots level through our Outreach Team that permits us to know the people, the problems and the potential of the communities we serve. In this effort only the sky is the beginning of our limit to solving the diverse problems of mankind. As we progress, we will extend our tentacles to open more programmes to tackle other discriminated groups of the society like ex-convicts and ex-sexual workers.
We will bring meaningful life transformation to thousands of the world’s most-marginalised people, especially the graduates of the Cosmopolitan University who will be going out as human capitals to do likewise in their communities or where they volunteer to serve the world over.
We are going to effect this transformation to bring hope to the world’s most vulnerable, regardless of their creed and our help shall be unconditional.
We shall do the very best with the resources the donors confide under our care with absolute transparency and honesty. I am very excited that we are helping those without a voice in the society to make it.
I invite you from all walks of life and from every nation on the planet earth to join us. Together we can make a difference through passion, professionalism and an uncompromising commitment to make the poor, weak, destitute and helpless reach their potentials to the peak.
That’s our Cosmopolitan Vision.