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Mr. Dzidzornu Nyavor-Dusi

He has attached dedication and trustworthiness to his work and this is his hallmark. This has kept him moving from strength to strength.

He is a team player and has a lot of experience in decision making in any field he finds himself. He has extensive experience in the field of accounting, sales and distribution, client service, conflict resolution and inventory management.

He is a security conscious person and always wants to make sure his employers have value for their money. He is an entrepreneur who takes only calculated risks but not any risk. Proper planning and making sure that project deadlines are met according to resources available are some of his strengths.

As operation professional, he tries as much as possible to eliminate waste in any working environment. A strong negotiation skill is a plus for him because of his accounting and logistics background.

Mr. Nyavor Dusi holds a Master’s Degree in Logistics Management from the Coventry University (UK) and a First Degree in Administration, Accounting Option from Central University College in Ghana.

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